Linearstealth Computer Systems LLC.

Linearstealth Computer Systems LLC.  is committed to providing Enterprise Level Security, Data Protection, and Business Continuity to the Small Business Sector. We provide 24/7 365 Monitoring, System Maintenance to all our clients, regardless of your locale.

For the both the Business or Home user, we provide the following Services:

  • Computer repair
  • Hardware Installation
  • Desktop Repair and Upgrades
  • Workstation Setup
  • Trouble shoot and repair Laptops
  • Replace Motherboards
  • LCD Screens
  • Drives
  • Keyboards
  • Touch pads
  • Back Lights
  • Inverters
  • LCD Cables on any Laptop
  • Expert Advice
  • IT support
  • Trojan and Virus Removal
  • Repair damage caused by viruses, Trojans, spyware, root-kits
  • Computer optimization, install the latest patches, firewalls, antivirus software, and spy-ware detectors to protect your systems from hackers, malicious web sites, and overly aggressive software.
  • System upgrades. Upgrade your computer with more hard drive space, additional RAM, a CD/DVD, Blu-ray drive or burner, new motherboard, or CPU
  • Data Backup Services and Automatic Backup Setup
  • Securely erase all your data from an old hard drive before sale or disposal
  • Setup, configure, and secure wireless network connections
  • Connect a wireless router and enable encryption for extra security
  • Test your internet connection for performance
  • Troubleshooting and computer network repair and vulnerability testing
  • Plan and run cables for wired networks
  • Connect printers, computers, laptops, and other devices to function in wired or wireless networks
  • Create home networks of computers for data sharing.

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